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03.12.2019 09:31


Oak moldings are intended for finishing wooden floors. They are durable and made with great accuracy. They mask the expansion joints visible between the wall and other obstacles and the floor well. They also prevent the penetration of dust under the floor’s surface and protect the walls from scratches. Each oak moldings has two milled [...] Learn more
02.12.2019 13:15


Ash moldings impressively finish floors made of natural wood. They perfectly mask expansion joints and allow you to easily mask antenna cables and wires. In addition, they protect the wall from dirt and scratches. Ash moldings are easy to install - you can easily cut them to the desired size and attach them to the [...] Learn more
12.02.2019 09:19


  High moldings are becoming more and more popular. They are an impressive decoration for the room and are suitable especially for spacious interiors. High moldings available in Barlinek’s range are made of 100% coniferous wood, which is painted, foiled or covered with natural veneer. For modern interiors, we especially recommend high moldings in white. […]

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12.02.2019 09:03


  Wide moldings are very popular. They have many uses, including the renovation of floors, and have a decorative function. Wide moldings are often used by architects who wish to make full use of their decorative potential. They strongly underline the contrast between the wall and the floor, making them an additional decoration for your […]

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12.02.2019 08:40


  Varnished moldings perfectly mask the expansion joints between the wall and the floor. They are also an effective frame for the floor. Thanks to the two grooves milled on the underside, the boards can be fastened in an aesthetic way, using the clips provided by Barlinek, or glued with mounting adhesive. An additional groove […]

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12.02.2019 08:25


  Barlinek veneered moldings are the highest-quality products. Every one is made entirely of softwood, and finished in natural veneer. The veneer moldings are additionally lacquered or oiled, thanks to which they can be easily adapted to any type of floor. They look great in combination with Barlinek Floors. They come many heights and different […]

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11.02.2019 16:34


  Grey moldings in the Barlinek collection blend in perfectly with wooden floorboards. A wide range of colours and profiles allow you to adapt them not only to the colour of the floor, but also to the nature of the interior. All grey moldings are made of softwood. They have been carefully finished with natural […]

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11.02.2019 12:01


  Barlinek stair nosing profiles are made of 100% oak or ash. They are perfect for ensuring an aesthetic finish for stairs made from Barlinek boards. Wooden stair nosing profiles can also be used to mask big level differences between wooden floorboards. Barlinek baseboards for stairs are available in two depths – high and low. […]

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