Barlinek flooring in your interior   

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Oak moldings are intended for finishing wooden floors. They are durable and made with great accuracy. They mask the expansion joints visible between the wall and other obstacles and the floor well. They also prevent the penetration of dust under the floor’s surface and protect the walls from scratches.

Each oak moldings has two milled grooves in the inner part of the board, which allow simple, quick and aesthetic assembly. They are installed using mounting clips, which should be screwed to the wall at appropriate distances, and then the board is pressed onto them to form a permanent connection. You do not need specialist knowledge to install the board. Just basic tools are enough.

Oak moldings are available in many heights and various profiles. Their regular length is 2,200 mm, but they can easily be shortened to the required length. Oak skirting boards in Barlinek’s range are available in various finishes and décors, including Oak Oiled, Oak High Gloss, Oak Excite, Oak Olive, Oak Terra, Oak Honey, and Oak Brownie.