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White floor in living room – trendy and classy

The Scandinavian style, currently the style of choice in the most fashionable interior designs, loves bright colours and natural materials. Our white floors perfectly combine these features and will be an ideal background for any interior arrangement, including in other styles. The bright boards will also go well with Provençal, rustic or eclectic style. But there are many other reasons why choosing white floor boards is a great idea.


There are many advantages brought by both the colour and the finishing material of this type of flooring. The whitewashed boards are an excellent choice because their white colour:

  • is timeless and universal – it goes with everything;
  • is associated with freshness, purity and elegance all at the same time;
  • optically enlarges the interior, making small rooms seem more spacious;
  • will ensure a good balance of colours when complemented by mellow furniture and accessories in vivid shades.

White looks best on wood flooring. Wood and white colour make for a perfect combination, because wood:

  • is a timeless material that continues to be used in a variety of styles of interior design;
  • is a natural and durable material;
  • has a beneficial effect on the health and well-being of those who live in interiors finished using wood;
  • delights with its unique grain and knot structure which slightly warms up the raw white.


The living room is a place to receive guests and relax together with your loved ones. The interior of this room must be visually appealing, trendy, but at the same time remain balanced so as to properly represent the entire space of the house. A white living room floor will best highlight the strengths of the entire design and impart the living room with an elegant character, in line with the latest trends. What colour of furniture will go best with a white living room floor? The task is quite simple, as all popular shades will work well here. White floor boards in the living room will form a great combination with white furniture and a sofa set in a shade of grey or beige. A white floor in the living room will also go well with furniture in a natural wood colour or a shade of dark brown.


Barlinek offers white floorboards in multiple shades. Each variety comes in a different shade of white, clarity of grain or arrangement. boards that will best bring out the beauty of a light-coloured floor include:

  • Cappuccino Oak Classic Herringbone

This light-coloured floor in a classic herringbone pattern has an elegant and trendy look. The wood grain of the boards is highlighted by applying a brushing process. Each board is finished with a matte varnish that ensures excellent protection of the whitewashed surface.

  • White Truffle Grande Oak

This flooring is a great choice for those who love minimalism. The whitewashed boards, arranged in a simple pattern and finished with a delicate grain outline, will be a great fit for a living room, dining room or bedroom designed in a modern style.

  • Gentle Oak

Brushed and whitewashed. The light shade of the board brings out the clear structure of rings and knots, highlighting its visual appeal in a way that calls back to the board’s natural origin. The board will be a trendy addition to your living room or bedroom.

  • Lemon Sorbet Grande Ash

A brushed board with four-sided bevelling. Its slender shape, sparse grain and cool shade of its white colouring will produce a light and elegant floor. A layer of matte varnish harmonises and protects the board. An excellent choice for lovers of bright and airy interiors.