Barlinek flooring in your interior   

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NWFA Refinishable Program

Engineered wooden flooring is a natural, healthy and non-allergenic product. Floorboards are made of 100% natural top quality European wood. They are fully ecological and safe for the environment and the user.The ability to refinish a wood floor makes it both a multi-generational product and ensures it will never go out of style. This foundational benefit for decades has separated wooden floors from all other flooring types.

Barlinek offers engineered wood flooring with wear layers thick enough to be refinished up to 3 times!

Barlinek high-quality engineered flooring can be easily renovated or repaired which NOW is confirmed by NWFA Refinishable Program Certificate.

It can be laid in children’s bedrooms without the slightest worry. The floor can of course be subjected to partial or complete regeneration, which means it can be enjoyed for many years.

The color and sheen can be updated during the remodeling process or to suit the taste of a new homeowner, providing a completely new look.

Barlinek flooring is an investment for years. It provides a beautiful and unique look, having also numerous benefits for your health and the environment. It is free of any harmful substances and emissions, and can be recycled at the end of its life.